Apartment rental by the day

Frequently Asked Questions

Even after the most detailed explanations you probably still have some questions unanswered. Please feel free to ask them to the experts of Moscvartira company when choosing an apartment! But before doing so, we suggest you take a look at our FAQs section: you will probably find some important points clarified there and save your time considerably.

What does the rent per day depend on?

The rent depends on a number of factors:

- which part of the city the apartment is located in;
- total floor area of the apartment;
- if there has been a renovation;
- availability of additional amenities.

Do you offer any documents as a guarantee in connection with apartment rental?

Certainly: you will receive a contract where the address of the apartment, your check-in and check-out dates, number of persons planning to stay and all the additional conditions will be stated. If that is not sufficient, we can attach all the necessary payment receipts so you can have a complete set of documents for your accounting department:

How can I book an apartment in advance with your company and will the rent be higher in that case?

An apartment for rent by day can and should be booked in advance! Just give a call to our managers and tell them what your check-in date is and which apartment you liked. The rent remains unchanged!

What means of transport are available close to the apartments you offer?

We try to cover a wide range of apartments for rent by the day in different parts of the city, but there is one thing in common: maximum comfort. This applies to means of transport as well. If you came to Moscow by car, you can choose an apartment that has a car parking area or a garage nearby, although most of our apartments are located in quiet and safe neighborhoods. Also, there will be public transport stops and metro stations close by so you can reach any part of Moscow.

Can I rent an apartment for up to one night?

You can stay in the apartment for as little as one hour if you like but the minimum payment will still be one full daily rent. However, we only let our regular clients rent apartments for one night. If it is the first time you deal with our company, you can rent an apartment for two days or more. There is no upper limit!